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January 28, 2019
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March 1, 2019
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Why Your Sales Strategy is NOT Working?

You have been reading books and articles about how to boost sales and conversion rates, yet you are far from succeeding. This may relate to many SME business owners out there.

What could be the reason? What have you not done already?

Take a step back and evaluate what you have and have not done. Social media campaigns – checked, engaging contents – checked, competitive pricing – checked, great testimonials – checked. How about data? What do you do with your sitting data?

Whether you are a new company or well-established company, data is your key to success. It is a powerful and maybe – just maybe – the right tool for your success. Data tells you a lot of things that one or many of your employees can’t. Where are your customers? What do they like? What are they looking for? What is your conversion rate? How many visitors do you get?

All of those questions can be answered by data. By knowing what they like, what they need, their shopping behaviors, you can customize and personalize your products and services for customers. With the right data, you can plan and strategies your next moves. Use an analytics tool to help you identify and control the gathered data.

Don’t forget to create and develop your customer database! Growing, Not Stopping!

You need to retain your customers, and by having a well-maintained database, you should be able to keep your customers happy. Offer freebies once in a while for your customers but don’t send too many newsletter or EDM out. Ask for their experience on your website because after all, customer experience is what keeps your customer coming back for more.

Ready to grow your online business further?

A7 IoB® is a self-service digital work-space tool, built to empower small and growing business to take charge of their biggest asset: business data. Thus, allowing businesses to use data and make smarter data-driven decisions.

Register NOW to get a complimentary account for a full two weeks to explore the features and talk to our expert at sales@alpha7.co


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