With A7 IoB®, I can get more insights from my business data,
allowing me to make better and faster decisions.

Elaine Lim, Agere Accountingagere

What is big data?

As a business, you collect data everyday from various business applications. This is exactly what big data is.

For SMEs like yourself, gathering data for analysis and business reporting can be difficult and time-consuming. This slows down decision-making.

It is easy to lose your way in this overwhelming process, but A7 IoB® is here to help you automate your business reporting.

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What is the purpose of data analysis?

No matter how much data you have, it is how you analyse data that will unlock its true value.

Analysis of big data uncovers valuable trends, reports how well your business is doing and allows you to make better-informed decisions.

With your data in one place on A7 IoB® business dashboards, save time and focus on strategic key performance indicators (KPIs) for data analysis, business reporting, and decision-making.

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Visualise data on business dashboards

Focus on KPIs that are actionable and aligned to your business goals for effective data analysis.

For example, an Ecommerce business can look at their past and current data to predict sales volumes and optimise inventory. It can work on increasing their inventory to meet customer demands and prevent lost revenue from out of stock situations.

With A7 IoB®, businesses can visualise data in real-time on dashboards that are customisable and easy to understand.

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Every month, I used to spend days collating data and creating reports to monitor my business performance. With A7 IoB®, it takes minutes!

Tan BiingYih, Business Owner nature2000

Data visualisation uncovers answers from the sea of big data. Use it for data analysis and unveil opportunities.


Are you ready to unlock the wealth of business opportunities with big data?

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