How to Start Your E-Commerce Business by Using Drop-shipping
March 8, 2019
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Tips for Improving Quality Content that Boosts Your Website Traffic

So you just started an exciting online business, have a funky website and cannot wait to tell everyone about your new products/services to make your first sale. You then Google on the latest marketing tactics and realize that everyone is talking about having “quality content marketing” to increase traffic to your website. Next, you hire a digital content writer who knows all the technical tricks of SEO to please search engines like Google and Yahoo and think all your marketing problems are solved. 

Except they are not. After some days, you realize that your website traffic and page views have been disappointingly low despite the so-called quality content published on your platform.

Perhaps, your website content wasn’t quality enough. Ever been in such a situation? Well, fret not. We have identified 2 easy strategies to improve the quality of your content from good to excellent. Here they are:

1. Craft attention-grabbing headlines

You can put your blood, sweat and tears into writing content that merits a Pulitzer prize but no one is going to read through all of it if your headline reads something like, “ The Five Features of our New Product”.

In this fast-moving era of instant gratification and changing technologies, people scan through , rather than scrutinize, the content they come across. Add to the fact that there are tons of information on the Internet with so little time to gobble down everything, people are only going to read what they are attracted to.

Put yourself into the shoes of your prospective buyer and envision what will catch their attention when they Google keywords relevant to the product/service your business is offering. Moreover, remember that people make purchasing decisions based on emotions more than logic.

Therefore, your headline has to grab readers’ interests and appeal to their emotions to motivate them to take action, that is, to purchase your product or service. For example, you could use superlative words like “best”, “biggest”, “most” in your headlines to generate interest in your content. What is better is if your readers become so responsive to your content that they share it among family and friends on social media, further increasing your website traffic and possibly increasing the chances of sales.

2. Sustain and engage audience attention

Research, again. Many people think drop-shipping comes with less risk, but the truth is: risk is still a risk. If you choose the wrong suppliers, you are in the mud. Contact as many suppliers as possible to have a conversation with them regarding products that you would like to resell. Once you have chosen a few to do business with, then try to order some sample from them. Get to know their product quality, time of delivery, packaging they use, customer service, etc. If possible, try to order some product from competitors too, so you know what their unique selling point.

You need to sustain the traffic that has come to your website by interacting with them. Establish a meaningful and measurable relationship with your audience by inviting subscribers to your email distribution list or scheduling a free consulting session with them online or in person, depending on what your business offers. Incentivise your audience to sign up to your newsletter and be the first to know about your promotions, monthly giveaways, tips etc. Reply people who provide constructive feedback on your social media platforms or on your website. By responding to your audience, you portray the impression that you care about their feedback. People like to know that their feedback matters. If your audience is satisfied with your content and service, chances are they will actually make that decision to purchase your product/service and refer their family and friends to do so as well. Hence, traffic to your website will increase due to your content that motivates referrals. This will increase your chances of landing additional sales.

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