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January 28, 2019
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Here is How to Thrive in E-Commerce Business in 2019

2018 was said to be the rising of e-commerce business in Southeast Asia, and you might be in complete agreement with that statement. Nevertheless, 2019 is a new year and what to do with it? Roll over the 2018 plan or come up with a new one? Here we have three tips that could be useful for you to success.

  1. Focus on your customers’ needs

Research, research, and approach. Single research of a specific market might not be enough as you need to look at the different markets to learn what customers really need. Do I need a new product? Do I produce more of the same product? What do my customers need? Find the niche that others can’t provide, and that should be your key success.

  1. Great support for customer success

Booming sales won’t happen without great customer service in place. To maintain your customers, give them the customer support system they deserve. It could be a better delivery and return policy. Have you ever had a client complained about how long the delivery took? Or how they want to exchange or return the product they bought?

  1. Social media is the key still

Be active on social media. It was and still is the key to attract customers to your website. Social media has the ready to use data to tap on your customers, so leverage it. If needed, you can hire bloggers to promote your products and service. You’d be surprised by how much influencing power bloggers have over their followers.

Find out where your visitors are coming from and leverage on the channel. You can always check it on Google Analytics or you can try it here.

Growing, Not Stopping

The market is always changing, what works now might not work a year from now. To ensure your e-commerce business grows, always be open to ideas and leverage on almost anything that could work. Keep in mind that any company that stops innovating will be left behind, doesn’t matter how small or big the company is.

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