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A Digital Business Dashboard

A7 IoB® is an intuitive digital dashboard that allows you to view all your business data in one place. It enables you to control your business by providing clarity into your most critical business data.

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Connect your data with A7 IoB®

Start by connecting data with your business applications and spreadsheets.

Let A7 IoB® pull the data to provide your business metrics in a single workspace.


Select KPIs that matter to you or create your own

Choose from out-of-the-box KPIs or configure your own KPI to turn your raw data into useful data that is relevant to your business.

Visualise your data

You can present your data in any way you want.

With data visualisation, it makes it easy to understand your data and identify business opportunities.


A7 IoB® is easy to use

Simply connect, select and visualise your data.

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Solutions by Industry

A7 IoB® lets you see the data that is important to your business and industry, and ignores the rest.
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Solutions by Function

With A7 IoB®, you can be more efficient and effective by focusing on relevant metrics to optimise your business function performance.
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