So you just started an exciting online business, have a funky website and cannot wait to tell everyone about your new products/services to make your first sale. You then Google on the latest marketing tactics and realize that everyone is talking about having “quality content marketing” to increase traffic to your website. Next, you hire a digital content writer who knows all the technical tricks of SEO to please search engines like Google and Yahoo
You might have heard the term ‘dropshipping ‘ if you have been doing online shopping. It has been proven as a quite effective way to make small entrepreneurs getting a good profit. What is dropshipping? Drop shipping is a method used by sellers where they forward the purchase to a third-party and have it sent to customers directly. They do not have to keep the product in their warehouse, but they take a profit out
Whether you are in marketing, sales or BD team, your ultimate goal is to convert visitors to customers. We’ve touched on how important data is to your sales strategy, but how can you really increase the conversion rate? Let’s go deeper on strategy as we’ve come down to three easy and innovative ways to help you do so. Here is important things that you need: 1. Easy-on-the-Eye but catchy Website Your website appearance matters more
You have been reading books and articles about how to boost sales and conversion rates, yet you are far from succeeding. This may relate to many SME business owners out there. What could be the reason? What have you not done already? Take a step back and evaluate what you have and have not done. Social media campaigns – checked, engaging contents – checked, competitive pricing – checked, great testimonials – checked. How about data?