Why Your Sales Strategy is NOT Working?

You have been reading books and articles about how to boost sales and conversion rates, yet you are far from succeeding. This may relate to many SME business owners out there. What could be the reason? What have you not done already? Take a step back and evaluate what you have and have not done. Social media campaigns – checked, engaging contents – checked, competitive pricing – checked, great testimonials – checked. How about data?Read More

Why You Should Build A Website Instead of Using Marketplace

Imagine this: you were to get your loved ones a gift, and you do not have time to go to the store to buy it. What do you do? Browse on the Internet to find the perfect gift, right? What website do you visit? A marketplace like Lazada or Zalora or their own website? If you want something fast, maybe the marketplace. But if you want more options and information, you definitely should go toRead More

Here is How to Thrive in E-Commerce Business in 2019

2018 was said to be the rising of e-commerce business in Southeast Asia, and you might be in complete agreement with that statement. Nevertheless, 2019 is a new year and what to do with it? Roll over the 2018 plan or come up with a new one? Here we have three tips that could be useful for you to success. Focus on your customers’ needs Research, research, and approach. Single research of a specific marketRead More